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Our goal at Texas Health and Counseling Group is to provide patients with the best plan of attack to soothe their pain. Offering individual therapy, group therapy, and preoperative evaluations; our team of physicians and psychologists want to help patients put their mind at ease when it comes to pain. We know what pain feels like, and we want our patients to understand that there are multiple ways to treat pain; and here at Texas Health and Counseling Group, we want to provide the best option for our patients. We know that pain affects each patient differently, and we set ourselves apart by providing patients with the resources to customize a pain management plan that suits their lifestyle.

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Providing Quality, Personal, & Timely Care that Exceed Your Expectations

We want patients to understand the impact of psychological functioning to help relieve their pain. Learn how we can help you gain more self-control, and take control of your pain today!

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Each of our locations are made up of friendly, experienced, and professional physicians and management at Texas Health and Counseling Group. Meet Dr. Caruso today!

We offer multiple services to fit your pain management needs. We have individual therapy, group therapy, and we also provide evaluations for future operations.

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